Our Services

Our Services

"The best is not necessarily the most expensive, but the least expensive is hardly ever the best"

Bridgecall is always looking for ways to assist its clients to achieve their business aims, whether that be reducing telecoms charges, resolving known communications issues, upgrading current technologies, or planning for the future using advanced technologies.

 Our Primary Services fall into 5 main communication areas:

  1. Head Office - Telephone networks with state of the art applications as expected by staff, suppliers and customers alike (auto-attendant, voice-mail, divert to any extension in any location, call logging/recording, video conferencing etc.)

  2. Sub-office, Home Worker and Remote Worker - enabling ALLemployees to feel 'equal' by allowing them to experience the same applications as in Head Office utilising IP/VoIP and SIP technologies

  3. Mobile Phones - it is generally considered that over 70% of mobile phone contracts are on the wrong package.  This happens for many reasons but is often as a direct result of the attractive sales commissions paid by the network providers! 

  4. Telephone Call Charge and Line Rental - cost reductions for all outbound calls, including Free2Call between all 'same business' locations, of between 15 -50%.  Telephone Fraud Monitoring Service is always included.
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  5. Broadband Provisioning - offering a full spectrum of lower cost, greater speed, reduced contention services (ADSL, SDSL, Leased Lines etc.)

 Bridgecall also offers advice and assistance with:
  • Secure Access Controls - Biometric Door Entry Systems for secure controlled door access (offices, schools, nurseries etc.) and Employee Clocking Mechanisms to eliminate 'buddy clocking', timesheets and paper etc..
  • Data & Video Transmissions - the future of advanced communication networks is via faster and faster broadband services and therefore tomorrow's business competitiveness sits here

  • Energy Market Management - Electricity, Gas and Water billing where, by constantly monitoring market prices and futures, costs can often be reduced by up to 50%