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IP Telephony Explained

4th July 2017

IP Telephone Systems allows more control over multi locations and offer greater features, including Disaster Recovery, than a traditional telephone system.

"Go Anywhere" number ranges, irrespective of geographical location, brings all employees and locations together under one telephone system, including sub-offices, home workers, and remote/overseas workers.

An IP Telephony Solution will very quickly make traditional telephone systems and their features a thing of the past.

Instead of using traditional BT lines (ISDN), calls are routed via a Business Class Quality of Service Broadband (very low or 1:1 contention), to a Hosted IP Telephony Platform.  All calls are then made from this instead of the local exchange, offering extension users the ability to work from any location worldwide and still appear as though at their UK desk.  Callers see no difference in number dialled/displayed or ring tones, plus, if calls are made from overseas there is no need to enter an international code, simply dial the number as normal.

There is little doubt that in the new world of 'Cloud Communications' , Hosted IP telephony is absolutely the way forward. 

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