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IP Telephony Explained

Is IP Telephony the new way of communicating?  Does Hosted IP Telephony allow greater flexibility over traditional PBX Phone Systems . . . […]


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Multiple Telecoms Fraud alerts continue to be received by Telco Providers regarding what could be extremely high risk fraud attempts, similar patterns to those seen thoughout previous years […]


A Rough Guide to Telephone Call Charges
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The 'Dark Art' of Telephony Call Charges is not only a mystery, but totally confusing to most ordinary mortals residing on planet Earth! […]


Why should you now consider Hosted ('Cloud') VoIP Telecommunications?

Why should your business be considering the utilisation of VoIP technology? What on earth is ''Cloud' Telephony?  What does it cost and how can it possibly be more cost-effective, efficient and flexible than a good old PBX using 'land-lines'? Why is mobility and scalabilty so important to business?  Read on . . . . . . . .  […]


Call Recording: An SME’s Secret Weapon
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Looking to gain a competitive edge over your business rivals? Despite usually being associated with larger companies with big budgets, the latest call recording systems are proving excellent – and cost-effective – additions for SMEs.  […]


BT aims to shut down traditional phone network to help it battle US tech giants

BT aims to shut down traditional phone network to help it battle US tech giants Telegraph Friday 03 July 2015 Call on Ofcom to slash red tape and recognise new technology as part of Openreach overhaul […]


Winter is coming - can your existing telecommunications set-up handle it?

How to keep your business working through the rain, wind and snow with flexible telephony solutions . . […]


The Bountiful Benefits of Telecommuting
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From increased productivity and schedule flexibility to reducing both your overheads and your carbon footprint – telecommuting has the potential to significantly boost your business!  […]


How Smart Is Your Phone?
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VoIP is fast gaining momentum among SMEs across the globe, but many small businesses in the UK are still on the sidelines when it comes to this breakthrough technology... […]


Fighting Fraud: Our Top Tips!
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In our recent news story, we highlighted how a staggering 90 per cent of phone hacking is aimed at SME’s in the UK – costing UK businesses in the region of £500m a year! Now, we’re bringing you our top tips for tackling fraud and safeguarding your phone system!    […]

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