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VoIP & HostedTelephony Cardiff

VoIP is just another way of making a phone call, you probably use without even realising. But put simply VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is about making calls over the Internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. All that is needed is a reasonable broadband connection and a phone adaptor similar to a modem.

Key Benefits of Hosted Telephony and IP Telephony:

  • Freedom - work from anywhere using an IP Phone, PDA, BlackBerry or iPhone.
  • Lower costs - replacing capital expenditure with usage based payments (like a utility or mobile phone). No need to invest in your own switches and, most importantly, no need to employ dedicated technical staff to manage your telecoms service.
  • Scalability - quick and easy to add and remove users, scaling up or down as your business requires, ensuring your company does not pay any more than it has to.
  • Simplicity - easy and quick to deploy and manage that gives 'customer control' without the headache of support and investment.
  • Expertise - managed and operated by experts so you can concentrate on your business.

Whatever the size of business - whether your company has 5 or 5,000 users, A Hosted Exchange can often deliver real company benefits.