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Bridgecall Ltd, a Welsh Company formed in 2005, was set up with the objective of assisting business decision makers to 'get it right first time' when acquiring or upgrading telecommunications and data network technologies.

We understand this can be a very scary and expensive minefield, with every technology salesperson presenting their products as 'the very best available'.  Therefore, how difficult is it for you to make a confident,  informed decision about something you probably have little knowledge or experience of?

We have an immense amount of knowledge and experience, plus we know which communications providers can deliver what you require and which ones cannot.  We also know the best ways of reducing your telecoms charges without reducing the efficiency of your communications

Best of all, Bridgecall will never charge you for the services it provides. 

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‘Tis The Season for Communicating

For many businesses, work will halt over the festive period, but the same isn’t always true for clients and affiliates.  […]

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